Welcome to Rootie’s Kitchen!
May 16, 2007, 5:08 pm
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Come in and have a glass of tea, sit down and we’ll talk food for a bit.

I’ve been cooking for a long time, since I was 9 years old when the very first thing I ever made was a batch of chocolate chip cookies, recipe on the back of the bag. Since then, I’ve cooked almost daily, as much as an act of self preservation as for pleasure.

You see, my brother and I were born of eccentric parents. They are intelligent and creative people, but there were times when he and I craved a box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese made with stick margarine and plain old milk, and were handed a bag of whole-wheat pasta and a chunk of hard goat cheese and told to make do. There were times when we wanted a peanut butter sandwich, just plain old Jif and concord grape jelly on white bread. Instead we got 3 day old whole grain bread (like sawdust it is, once it reaches that age), homemade peanut butter the consistancy of wood putty, and muscadine syrup that was supposed to have been jelly, but failed to gel.

So, he and I, we learned to cook. And love it. So now, I am welcoming you into my kitchen, to swap recipes and yak about food. We don’t talk politics, religion, race, or sports (except when it’s related to tailgating). Everyone who eats or cooks is welcome!


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What a great idea! You are so creative and talented – I can’t wait to see/read more of your cooking adventures.

Comment by northern girl

Thank you for the warm welcome. I think I’ll stick around here often.

Comment by labmunkay

I’m in!

I found a new cut o’ meat – something called a ‘flat iron steak’ … like a flank steak only more tender … slathered it with salt, peppercorns and gaaahhlic … grilled it over hardwood lump charcoal, let it rest a while, then sliced it across the grain, caught the juice, and tossed the whole mess with grilled mini portabello mushroom caps (cooked alongside), served with mashed taters … mmmm!

Comment by Bro. Scott

I recall, in the early ’70s when we were lil’ sprouts, that Mom & Dad had a big food overhaul … Mom was into pot roast & canned stuff, white bread, etc., until something caused them to embrace ‘health food’ in a big way. We rented space on someone’s farm and planted a garden. Sugar was out. A book titled ‘Sugar Blues’ was influential, if I remember right. No junk food … ever … but lots of homegrown fresh vegs – which were quite good, if I remember right …
The cooking, however, was never approached as art, but as grim necessity.
I do remember being allowed to experiment, make meals, do stuff, in the kitchen … we did gain some level of confidence around food that I think some folks don’t have because of that.
I also remember a gloriously huge patches of fresh mint whose sprigs found their way into iced tea – almost always – … and fresh basil that got into the spaghetti sauce (where it belongs)
So I contradict myself – maybe there was art in there somewhere –

Comment by Bro. Scott

I remember the garden, and the time I touched the electric fence and blamed you for throwing a rock at my head because that’s what it felt like.

The vegetables were good, and the herbs, but I grew heartily sick of blueberry frozen yogurt when I really wanted Jamoca Almond Fudge. And, I wanted to burn ‘Sugar Blues’.

It’s hard to go wrong with really fresh, organically (sort of) grown vegetables, but sometimes a big chunk of bleeding beef is called for, with pie for dessert.

Comment by rootietoot

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