The Grand Reopening
January 23, 2008, 7:54 pm
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Welcome to Rootie’s Kitchen, where the Elite Meet to Cook Tasty Treats (or something like that). The purpose of this blog is to share ideas and opinions on all things culinary. If you try a new recipe, and love it, please share it! If you hated it, share that, too.

I will from time to time post lessons, as I learn new techniques. I am always trying recipes on for size, and I’ll let you know how they fit, and if they were as easy as touted (sometimes they are, sometimes they aren’t).

Bro. Scott sometimes shows up and rattles on about “hardwood lump charcoal” and making roux and stuff. He is my REAL brother, and I can bear witness to his culinary prowess, even if he is a charcoal snob. Me, I’m content with my %!&-@$$ gas grill, and reserve charcoal for smoking boston butts and the like. But that’s because I don’t really ever decide to grill something until, like 20 minutes before supper.

This forum is intended for every level of cooking skill. If you’re strictly a mac-and-cheese from a box person, and want to learn some ways to maybe branch out without having to invest in fish sauce and panang curry paste, we can help you. If you have mastered the art of ganache, then share the wisdom! A place for everyone, that’s this. Rootie’s Egalitarian Kitchen. Aprons recommended.


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nifty…so does my spaghetti and from the jar sauce count? šŸ™‚

Comment by northern girl

OK – I’m in!

For my gumbo (see earlier post) I forgot the Holy Trinity of Cajun cooking. DOH! I needed to add a mirepoix, or sauteed onions, celery and bell peppers, all diced to 1/4″ square.
Cook that in olive oil or buttah until the onions are clear to pale yellow, add flour to thicken, then deglaze … and do the rest as I suggested earlier.

Comment by Bro. Scott

NG- absolutely! Have you tried those frozen ravioli? They cook in like, 3 minutes, toss with a jar of sauce and yum!

Comment by rootietoot

mirepoix= cajun sofrito!

Comment by rootietoot

well, the Cajun mirepoix uses bell peppers … the (original) French mirepoix uses onions, celery and carrots. Use the latter with mushrooms, chicken and half&half to make
Chicken Ala King … oooh baby … artery cloggin’ goodness … do a white wine deglaze somewhere in there to get the browned crusty bits off the pan – lots of flavor in there to be had

Comment by Bro. Scott

Hey, I brought in a warm cup of coffee with me, being it’s cold here in the north. When I lived in Texas, every BBQ I went to had beans. Plain brown cowboy beans. Not like here where we add tomatoe sauce and molassas and make them sweet. Can you tell me how you make yours please?

Comment by labmunkay

Ganache? Easy!

Equal parts of dark chocolate and cream. Heat together until chocolate is melted. Stir well until glossy. Cool a little, pour onto cake, or profiteroles, or whatever. You can add a liqueur or similar if you want, but do it when the cream’s cold. If you add it to the warm mixture you’ll end up with gluggy chocolate which is not so nice.

Using twice as much chocolate as cream with a healthy shot of whiskey or brandy (I’ve also used rose essential oil which is gorgeous) will get you a chocolate truffle. Just chill the mixture (I put mine in the freezer for 30 mins or so), and roll teaspoons of it into balls. Cover in cocoa powder or dip in melted chocolate. Yum!

Oh and hello again by the way! šŸ™‚

Comment by Anna

See, Anna, that’s the kind of simple directions I need. Thanks!

Comment by rootietoot

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