Rootie’s James Beard Project
July 2, 2010, 7:44 pm
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Yesterday I watched Julie and Julia, the movie about Julia Child and a young woman who cooked every recipe from Mastering The Art of French Cooking in a year, and blogged about it. What an amazing idea! So, I thought I’d do that, only not the French Cooking book because I’m not crazy about French food (except for fries, and they’re Belgian) and I don’t live in New York City and have unfettered access to every single ingredient on the planet. So, I looked for an American book, written by an American author with American ingredients. I wanted someone well seasoned, maybe even dead…who’d written a ton of books and everyone (well most) has heard of.
Think, Rootie…who to use?

James Beard! That’s who! He’s written a buncha books (75 or so?), articles, etc…quite the expert. The trick with this will be our somewhat limited access to esoteric ingredients. Planning will be involved because sometimes I’ll have to make a trip to Savannah to get what’s needed and just running down for the morning to get one thing is kind of out of the question. Anyway…

Today I consulted Amazon and bought a used copy of The New James Beard ($8) and, anxious to get started, found a recipe for hamburgers online, that he wrote. Looks good! I have all the stuff! We’re having them for supper tonight! I found the recipe for them at

James Beard’s Cheese Hamburgers
ground beef
grated sharp Cheddar cheese
Worcestershire sauce
grated onion
freshly ground pepper
sliced bacon


To each pound of ground beef add 1/2 cup of grated sharp Cheddar cheese, 1 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce and 1 grated onion. Season to taste with freshly ground pepper and form into cakes. Wrap each cake with a slice of bacon and grill as with plain hamburgers . These are exceptionally fine served with sliced raw onion marinated in an olive oil and wine vinegar dressing and plenty of hot mustard.

I’m going to serve them with crisp Romaine lettuce and a fresh sliced tomato, hot sauce mayonnaise.


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I am loving this idea Rootie! I’ll live vicariously through your cooking experiences. And if you didn’t read Julia Child’s “My Life In France” that part of the movie was based on, I highly recommend it. It’s a terrific read.

Bon appetite!

Comment by joanna jenkins

How awesome is that! Good for you for undertaking such a large project. Good luck!

Comment by julie Overstreet

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