Gearing Up
July 5, 2010, 11:36 am
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The James Beard cookbook hasn’t arrived yet, but in the interest of…something…sanity, I guess…I’ve been looking up his recipes online. We made a lovely day-trip to Atlanta yesterday where a visit to The Dekalb Farmers’ Market caused a whole buggy full of spices, grains, assorted culinary Happy-Making Ingredients to land in the truck. After perusing JB Recipes I’d made a list of things I wanted but didn’t have and was unlikely to find in Statesboro, spices mainly, but a few things like watercress (found at an Asian market.O how I love a Chamblee Asian market) and fresh (I mean really fresh) bamboo shoots.

Now, this week is all about using up the fresh goodness purchased in Atlanta, not about particularly using James Beard recipes. The cookbook isn’t here yet and I have a humongous bag of bean sprouts. It is, however, all about the 2 of us feeding each other whatever we can think of that tastes fantastic and accomodates the heat issues of South Georgia.

Terry’s fixing brunch. At the DKF, we found Minnesota Yellow Grits (they always put the place of origin on the bulk packages). While I consider Minnesota to be an odd place for grits manufacturing, especially since I actually *send* grits to a chef of interest up there, I did not question because I love the yellow grits. Bruch this morning involves the yellow grits, that thick sliced applewood smoked bacon that is probably a sin in conservative states, sharp cheddar cheese, and these delicious sun-dried tomatoes…all in a heap in my bowl, O Mah Stars. Pictures later, if it lasts long enough, otherwise I’ll make a sound recording of the snarfking noises while we eat it.

A light supper later, involving the aformentioned REALLY fresh bean sprouts, an assortment of other vegetables, and these beautiful woven rice wrappers from the Asian market in Chamblee.

Chamblee is a bit of Atlanta, inside the Perimeter (that being I-285, aka “NASCAR for wannabees”). It’s where the South Asians and Hispanics live, all in a hodge-podge of nail salons, taquerias, markets, apartments and car repair emporiums. It’s not what you’d call a beautiful place, but it is lively and busy and by golly you can find near-about anything except a Kroger. I love it. I love being the only Euro-white person in the place, being questioned by people about my purchases (“you make sticky ri’? you know how to make sticky ri’? How you make it?” They ask with obvious scepticism. “Huh…” they reply, after I tell them how I make it. “Whi people don’t know about sticky ri’ mos’ the time. You wan’ fish sauce too?” They’re pleased when I tell them how much I love various South Asian foods. And I do, the flavors are bright and joyful, worthy of learning.)

So anyway, Cheese grits Terry Style for breakfast, Spring Rolls Vietnamese style for supper. Much logistical rearrangement of the kitchen in between. Terry’s making a spice rack (HUZZAH!!!), I’m emptying the pantry and hutch, and rearranging EVERYTHING. Pictures forthcoming, maybe. If you’re going to be reading about culinary adventures, you’ll want to see the place I work in.


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