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July 7, 2010, 1:19 pm
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SO I got an announcement from Amazon, that said the New James Beard Cookbook had shipped, and would be here within 20 days. Since, according to the info, it’s shipping from Georgia, and I’m *in* Georgia, it’s either shipping from Georgia way over there near Russia or they’re just hedging their bets and assuming it’s coming by Houndawg Express. I hope to see it in a couple of days.

In preparation for this new baby, and preparations are FUN, Terry has made a spice rack so I can actually see what I have, and indulged this love of all things shiny and new, purchasing 3 crates of canning jars in assorted sizes so I can actually see what I have. Even this minute he’s outside making an additional shelf for the kitchen hutch,for organizational purposes because an organized kitchen is a happy kitchen.

spankin' new spice rack and shiny new jars on the hutch

The kitchen is not huge. It isn’t tiny either. It’s just an average kitchen in a 45 year old house, built for someone who didn’t cook much so it’s almost like an afterthought at the back of the house. We remodeled it 2 years ago, removing old appliances, adding new cabinets and counters. If I had more computer sense I would be able to find the posts where I documented the remodel, but I don’t so you’ll have to take my word for it. I like the new kitchen, it’s efficient and has enough room to hold what-all I need it to.

Anyway, this is the kitchen. I reckon it’s probably huge by New York City Apartment standards. The kitchen Julie Powell (of Julie and Julia) was way tiny, and she did fantastic things in it. Fortunately, I live in Statesboro Ga, so get to have a bigger place to work, but don’t have her access to her variety of ingredients. A trade-off I guess. It’s why I picked James Beard for inspiration.

So, now you’ve seen the venue. I’ve got a comfortable place to work, and no one can say things like “I can’t believe you work such culinary miracles in a place smaller than my bathroom!” Instead you can say things like “well…that’s kind of an ordinary place.”


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The spice rack looks fabulous! Color me jealous. Can’t wait to read about your exploits.

Comment by Kathryn

Oh nice! I look forward to trying new techniques vicariously! I might even learn how to cook for a man in the process!

Comment by deedee

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