James Beard is in the house!
July 10, 2010, 4:07 pm
Filed under: James Beard Project, Philosophical

Mah cookbook showed up today!

These statements in the introduction jumped out:
“My emphasis is on options, my motto is ‘why not?’ and my hope is to provide you with inspiration as well as practical guidance”
“Taste every time you cook, and take nothing for granted-not even your own palate, for it can change.”
“But what truly stimulates, sustains, and rewards good cooking is honor at home. It gives me joy to see so many couples cooking together these days, and to watch their children growing up where they belong, right in the kitchen, as I did long ago.”

Now, I’ve done a quick look-see through the first chapter “Appetizers”. He suggests they could be the main course of light summer meal. They scare me, some of them. Recipes like anything with anchovies…tho since I can indeed find them here, we’ll give them a try. Brains Gribiche terrifies me. Brains anything terrifies me. I’ve never eaten brains, let alone prepared them. Where on Earth am I supposed to find brains? Others sound delightful, Escabeche (sauteed marinated fish), Crabmeat and Proscuitto, Shrimp Kiev.

That’s all I’ve looked at so far. He cheerfully makes suggestions about serving the foods (this one makes a good summer meal, that one is warm and creamy and delicious on a cold winter day), and many of the recipes come with alternative ways of preparing them.
Right now Terry is thumbing through the book, and noticed Brains Gribiche as well, saying that brains are probably available at Ellis’s- the local meat market.

I reckon if I’m going to do this properly, I’ll have to learn to fix brains, livers, hearts and tongues. One doesn’t want anything to go to waste, after all.


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Brains and eggs for breakfast!

Comment by terry

I have always wanted to make the Brains Gribiche from that book! I stole my mom’s copy, and it delights me every time I cook from it. The Sauce Gribiche recipe is sound, so I imagine the Brains Gribiche would be pretty fantastic. Looking forward to following along with your journey – you’re working out of one of my favourite books! Good luck 🙂

Comment by emvandee

Maybe I’ll have Zombie Night, invite the boys over and we’ll eat BRAAAAAAINNNZZZ. The Sauce Gribiche looks really good, and maybe I could eat the brainz if they’re covered in that.

Comment by rootietoot

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