Thoughts on last night’s chicken
July 13, 2010, 1:04 pm
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ok…the roasted chicken was just a roasted chicken. It’s the gravy that made it, and the whiskey flame bit. You could taste it on the chicken skin. The skin itself was slightly disappointing. I dearly love a really crispy skin, and pouring the booze over it, even when it was flamed, seemed to soften it up a little. However, the flavor of the whiskey was really good with the tarragon and butter.

The gravy, however…it was (in the words of young men) “Pretty epic, Mom.”

Mr. Beard recommends serving the chicken with new potatoes. However, I made wehani rice cooked in the same chicken broth used to baste the birds and make the gravy. With the rich flavors in the gravy, the nuttiness of the rice was wonderful.

Now, it was ALOT of work, but that was in large part because I made the Quick Brown Gravy as well as everything else. So, I am thinking the thing to do is make up a big ol’ batch of the brown gravy and freeze it, to have on hand just like the stock. It’s in several of his recipes, and won’t go unused.

I realize I kind of improvised all over the place, using ham stock instead of beef, and beef base, etc, but the results were really tasty. Since it’s not Bean Soup season right now, and there’s a gallon of ham stock in the freezer, I’ll just keep doing it that way. After all, he did say ““My emphasis is on options, my motto is ‘why not?’ and my hope is to provide you with inspiration as well as practical guidance”

The entire meal was thus:
Roasted chicken with “Pretty Epic” gravy
wehani rice cooked in chicken stock
lettuce and parsley salad dressed with garlic oil and rice vinegar

I figured on complicated dish in a meal is enough. The simplicity of the salad and rice complemented the chicken nicely, without competing.


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That sounds amazing, and I’m thinking it might be worth whipping up a batch of the gravy even if only for French fries. Thanks for sharing!

Comment by emvandee

I think that quick brown gravy would be good on just about anything. In the cookbook he recommends adding red wine, or dry sherry and duxelles, or spicing it up with scallions, hot mustard, black pepper and tabasco. It strikes me as a great base for jumping off of.
Can you imagine it on a baked potato? YUM!

Comment by rootietoot

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