It don’t always happen the way it does in my head
August 19, 2010, 8:35 pm
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This morning I decided Pot Roast was going to happen. I have (had) a nice chuck roast, bone-in so I would be able to make some beef stock later. James Beard recommends lardoons soaked in cognac to stud the roast (that sounds sinful in more ways than one), and I didn’t have lardoons but I did have some peppered smoked bacon ends and that’s kind of like lardoons, right? What goes great with bacon and beef? Onions and garlic. That’s what. And James Beard’s Quick Brown Sauce. (recipe at the bottom of the link). Somehow this time the whole is less than the sum of the parts. It doesn’t smell like it will taste delightful, and anything I eat has to get past my nose. So, in the interest of making it better, I added a half bottle of cheap merlot and a couple of bay leaves. It’s better, but not enough to convince me it will be delicious. In fact, my mind-reading husband called from 30 miles away, right as I was griping out loud about the unsatisfactory aroma odor, to offer a dinner of tacos at the local El Sombrero. He didn’t even know I’d made a disappointing roast, but probably felt the waves of personal disapproval across county lines and came to my culinary rescue. El Sombrero has excellent tacos. They’re cheap and yummy and you get a big basket of hot corn chips and their tasty fresh salsa to boot.

Rootie’s Disappointing Pot Roast Recipe
1- 3 pound chuck roast, bone in
1/2 pound peppered bacon end pieces
2 yellow onions
6 cloves garlic
6 cups Quick Brown Sauce
half a bottle cheap merlot
2 bay leaves

brown the bacon pieces in a large skillet over low heat. Brown the pot roast in the rendered bacon fat. Put everything except the wine and bay leaves in a large crock pot set on low, and let cook for several hours.
Sniff the odor with disappointment, and add the wine in an attempt to improve things. Add the bay leaves. Put the top back on and grumble. Answer the phone when your husband calls, and cheerfully accept his offer totake you to El Sombrero for tacos and iced tea.
Thank your 11 year old when he says the meat smells fine, and offer it to him for lunch the next day, forgetting that he goes to a Christian school and wine soaked victuals might not be the best idea.


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