Menus for the week
August 24, 2010, 1:12 pm
Filed under: Supper

I make out menus Thursday-Wednesday, because I despise buying groceries on Saturday, when everyone else is doing it, and order is necessary. Making menus means the ingredient are on hand, and making them one week at a time means this small kitchen isn’t required to try to hold more stuff than there’s room for. This week involved going through The Notebook. When I find an interesting recipe in a magazine or the Williams-Sonoma catalog, it gets ripped out ad stuck in the notebook. Sometimes it gets printed off the internet and stuck in there. Why not save it on the computer? Because computers are unreliable, and die. And I am unreliable about backing things up to a disc. Ergo, the notebook. Sometimes menus are made from the un-backed up bookmarks on the computer, sometimes the notebook, sometimes the assorted cookbooks, sometimes general-knowledge recipes (like spaghetti or tacos). This week, the notebook. It’s a satisfying task, to sit down with the calendar, the grocery list book and the resources. I’ll flip through until something catches my eye, give it a read-over, and write it down. Meats are rotated. This night will have chicken, the next one pork, another is meatless, whatever. Summer means salads and sandwiches, grilled things. Winter involves soups and stews, Spring means fresh peas and greens from the garden. Anyway, this week…The Notebook. Let me know it you want a recipe and I’ll put it down for you.

Thursday- curry roasted drumsticks, basmati rice pilaf, pineapple salsa
Friday-grilled flatiron steak with chimichurri, roasted potatoes, greens salad
Saturday- pulled pork tacos, napa slaw
Sunday-I Don’t Cook
Monday-sesame noodles with pulled chicken, fresh veggies
Tuesday- Bistecca sandwiches with roasted red pepper and gorgonzola mayonnaise, home fries
Wednesday-Chicken souvlakia with tzatziki and fresh veggies


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