How much is enough?
December 2, 2010, 8:13 pm
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I am not even going to ask if it’s too much because there is NO SUCH THING as too much when you’re discussing baked goodies.

In my box,neatly organized and packaged in ready-to-gift ziploc bags I have the following:
4 varieties of cheese coins (smoked cheddar, cumin, blue cheese, and sharp cheddar-paprika)
3 varieties of snappy crackers (semolina-sundried tomato, basil-cracked pepper, olive oil-mixed seed)
4 varieties of savory biscotti (walnut-thyme, parmesan-black pepper, cheddar-chive, and cheddar-parmesan)
4 varieties of sweet biscotti (gingerbread, double chocolate, orange-almond, and cappuccino)
There’s 4-6 bags of each, and I have 5 people/families who will be getting some. Some people only like the savory stuff, some prefer the sweets only, some like a little of each.

I’ve been busy, when I’m feeling like baking I can churn out 3-4 double batches of each goody in a day. Then I’ll collapse for a day and not even want to LOOK in the kitchen.

Is there a particular recipe listed above that you’d like for me to put up here? most of them aren’t my own original thing, but something I aquired from another website.


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i’d LOVE to try making some of that biscotti. double chocolate and orange almond. orange almond? MMMM!!!

Comment by Stone Fox

Making biscotti is only slightly more complicated than making regular cookies. you make the dough (very similar to cookie dough only less fat and more eggs),form it into a log and bake it, then slice it and bake it again. I will put the recipes up here soon, when I make some and remember to take photos while doing it. The orange almond? Ohyeah…OOO YEAH!

Comment by rootietoot

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