New Years Resolution
December 8, 2010, 11:50 am
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To try and get pictures while I’m cooking.

Thing is, in the kitchen I get a little carried away, slinging stuff around and such, and never remember to have the camera, or when I do it gets flour and schmutz all over it plus I’m not exactly a stellar photographer and the pictures never turn out as pretty as the ones I see on other cooking sites.

I’ve read that if your cooking site has pretty pictures people will notice it. I’ll try, y’all. But no promises. Plus it’s an expensive-ass camera and getting schmutz on it makes me nervous. What happens when i take it in to get cleaned and the tech guy says “what is this goop?” and that voids the warranty? Maybe i oughta get a cheap kitchen camera.

Last night I made this delicious Beef and Stout Pie with a blue cheese crust, and remembered to take pictures until I got excited,put the crust on and baked it then we ate it and I said “shoot I never took pictures of the finished pie! or of how to make the blue cheese crust!” Would you trust me if I told you how to do it and didn’t have pictures? it’s really really easy…but I don’t have pictures…


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