Vegetarian recipes
January 20, 2011, 4:25 pm
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I have a request of the 3 people that read this. I am looking for cheap, fairly easy, cheap (did I mention CHEAP) recipes that are vegetarian. My Son On A Limited Budget has discovered the economical nature of vegetarian cooking, and I am looking for tried-and-true (and cheap) recipes he can fix for himself and his 2 roommates. He recently discovered the delights of 15 bean soup, and said “Mom. For less than $5 I fed all 3 of us and that INCLUDED the loaf of bread I made.” So I’ve cobbled him together recipes for red beans and rice, black beans cooked with beer, and Tuscan white bean soup. Also cornbread (always good with beans), oven fried potatos, and what I call “Cowboy beans”, that is, pintoes with lots of spices and a couple of shots of liquid smoke, since I don’t actually have a dakota hole to cook them in. I am looking for other recipes that involve potatoes, rice, different types of beans and peas, and do NOT require seasonings or ingredients you can’t find at the local Bi-Lo…which essentially means if the name of it has more than one syllable, it probably can’t be found. Unless it’s turnip greens. If you have a particular web site that carries such recipes, I’m open to that as well. I will say this, tho, Lentil Loaf is not a suitable suggestion. However, crock pot cookery is very much suitable!


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I have a whole bunch under this tag: He should also look at Also, bacon is an inexpensive meat and can double as an herb.

Comment by emvandee

Oh, we have a real fondness for bacon as a flavoring. Also salt pork, smoked hocks and neckbones, and the like. Any cured pig product,actually. thanks for the links!

Comment by rootietoot

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