Budget stuff!
March 5, 2011, 8:09 pm
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The fact is, meat is expensive,relatively speaking. It’s also not necessarily the best thing for you, nutritionally speaking. Yes to the protien and all,but really? We kind of probably most likely eat more than we need. I’m on a “bring down the food cost” kick at the moment. We spend about $150 a week to feed 4 of us,and that includes the leftovers Terry, CJ and Eli take for lunch the next day.

So I am looking hard at grains. There are many out there beyond the standard rice you can get a the local grocery store. Millet and amaranth are way high in protien, as is quinoa. They’re also YUMMY! You can use them like you would couscous, as a bed for shreds of chicken or pork, or tossed up with grilled veggies for a hot salad sort of thing. Rice comes in all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes. The granola-head hippy co-opplace I love carries this rice blend that’s got wild, red,brown,black, and blue rices in it and is DELICIOUS and not too expensive. $2 worth of rice will feed all 4 of us with leftovers, and add a single shredded up chicken breast and a salad picked from the garden, you’ve got a delicious, nutritionally balanced and filling meal for less than $5.

So it’s grains this Spring. I’m collecting and trying out recipes. The household menfolk aren’t balking as long as there is a bit of meat included, and with the Spring comes wonderful fresh veggies and greenery and a chance to bring that food budget back under control.


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