October 6, 2011, 6:13 pm
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Ok, so there are some people in my life who want to learn basic cookery. I am going to do a series of tutorials that teach basic cooking skills that can be combined to make delicious and complicated-seeming dishes. Such as Chicken pot pie, which uses roasting, gravy and biscuits. Also herbs…not many people use herbs much, because they can seem so mysterious to the uninitiated.
If there is something you want to learn how to make, leave a comment, and if it’s within my skill level to do it I will put a tutorial up on it.


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How do I make a yummy pie crust from scratch without it turning out tough or gummy? And how do I make a nice soft apple filling with a sweet gooey sauce, without the apples coming out too crunchy, dry or tart?

And strawberry rhubarb just baffles me. I love the stuff, but I wouldn’t dare try it. How does such a strange weedy thing turn out so delicious when commercial piemakers run it through a machine? I want to bake one of those when the rhubarb comes up in a few months. Help please?

Comment by xena

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