Locally grown!

We have a lovely vegetable market here, that sells all sorts of locally grown lovely things. We live not far from Vidalia, Ga, home of the famous Vidalia Onion, and yes, we can get them as tiny spring onions…oh boy…

Also, melons grow here…cantaloupes, watermelons, honeydews, crenshaws…all those melony things that are delicious in so many ways, my favorite being an addition to lemonade. Oh yes…Around here, you buy a watermelon at the Farmer’s Market for $2, cantaloupes from $1…jealous yet? My husband grew up in Cordele, Ga, The Watermelon Capital Of The World, and will only eat the heart of the melon, considering the seeded part trash, and please, don’t even get him started on seedless melons (“flavorless” is the kindest thing he has to say about them).

To make the lemonade addition, cube up the melon meat and freeze it in cubes on a cookie sheet liked with plastic wrap. When it’s frozen, put them in a bag for storage in the freezer. Then, when you make lemonade, put it in a blender with several cubes of melon and whizz it up. Voila! Melon lemonade! A mint leaf or two is a lovely addition.

Tonight we’re having company for dinner. I am going to smoke a pair of chickens stuffed with lemon slices and fresh oregano. (coat the skin with olive oil and cracked pepper).

Sides will include a (locally grown and organic) roasted corn and black bean salad (local bell peppers, tiny green Vidalia onions, cilantro vinagrette)and oh mah goodness…

Huge sliced tomatoes, (local of course) beefsteak tomatoes perfectly ripe and picked earlier in the day. Not grown by me, alas,my garden is late, but by a local farmer who is better at gardening than I am. Those thick slices will be sprinkled with fresh chopped herbs (oregano, basil and chives) from the garden.

Pictures? Maybe. If I think of it…


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