The vegetarian thing
June 2, 2012, 10:22 pm
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The vegetarian thing is going pretty well. I’ve only not been vegetarian for hamburgers and bacon. I think that’s pretty good considering the high quality of both burgers and bacon in this household.

Today we went to the local market and bought veggies. Which I promptly cooked as simply and reverently as I could.

Terry spied a bin full of lovely grape tomatoes. He put several in a bag and I said MORE!

He saw cantaloupes and I said YES PLEASE

I saw a whole bin of these little bitty young yellow squash…tiny and tender, and was overcome with a need for squash and onion casserole. So I bought some.

Also, big fat beefsteak tomatoes, with assurances that they were meant for anything, especially sandwiches.

and 2 ice cold cans of Coke. The vegetable market has the coldest cooler in the town.

There was a big ice chest full of 8 pound bags of recently shelled tiny butter peas. I am not ready for 8 pounds of baby butter peas, but it won’t be long.

Dinner tonight:

Grape tomatoes roasted with whole garlic cloves

Summer squash and onion casserole

Black beans cooked with beer and Vidalia onions.  Maybe I should have bought the butter peas because now I want some.

Who needs meat with all that?



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