The Perfect Trifecta: mirapoix, roux, and andouille.
October 17, 2012, 11:14 pm
Filed under: Philosophical, Southern

Ok see, it’s gotten cold here. Coldish, anyway. Enough so that we had to put a quilt (as opposed to a thin cotton blanket) on the bed, and I actually closed the windows a little because wide open was TOO cold.

Anyway, I love Creole and Cajun food. They are similar but not exactly the same. Also, this post is about how I am feeling, due to situations with work stuff, not about a fancy pants recipe that you need to be impressed with…I mean (in order to refrain from offending my English Teacher Friend)…not about a fancy pants recipe for which you should be impressed.

Did I mention that I am on my second pear vodka with mango juice and Pellegrino water? No? It’s good. Equal parts each. You’re welcome.

Anyway, I found this recipe for a gumbo type stew (not actual gumbo as there’s no file’ nor okra…but that’s ok. They are forgiven due to the mirepoix and roux and andouille)

So I fixed it today. It’s cool. The weather is approaching the semblance of cool fall weather that asks one to give up the salads and embrace the stew.

Also? It has beans. Lots and lots of many different kinds. I love beans. They’re cheap and high in protein and wonderful.

Anyway, the roux. It smells like…toast and butter and angels wings and babies after a nap. Throw in some mirepoix and let cook a minute before you add it to the cooked beans and the angels start singing loud songs and warming you with their angel-breath (which smells like butter and toast)

Do I have clever pictures, artistically photographed with stylish bowls and comfortable spoons? No. Of course not.

However the roux with the mirepoix…oh my heavenly saints and angels that smells good. Then, after the whole mess is dumped in the stewed beans and sausage, scraping the pan of the last little tidbits of butter and toasted flour flavored with the onion….happy sigh. So flamin’ good.  I am waiting for the family to all go to bed so I can shamelessly lick the pan.

It’s the kind of thing you want to keep eating even though you’re full. You want to eat it until you throw up so you can eat some more.

Gross? TMI? maybe…but the Roman would do it and I used to think that was weird but now I totally understand why.


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